Thick & Easy Thickened Dairy
Brand Name: Hormel Thick & Easy

Thick & Easy Thickened Dairy

Thick & Easy Thickened Dairy reduced fat thickened milk provides real dairy taste for individuals with dysphagia or other swallowing disorders.
  • Ready to serve, thickened liquids provide convenience while ensuring consistency.
  • Thickened reduced fat milk with "real dairy" taste.
  • Provides the same nutritional benefits as regular milk.
  • Packaged to hold its great milk flavor.
  • Available in honey and nectar consistencies
Select QTY SKU Consistency Description Quantity Unit Price
24739  Nectar 8 oz. brik pack 27 per case $59.00
11001  Nectar 32 oz. brik pack 12 per case $92.00
41805  Honey 8 oz. brik pack 27 per case $59.00
23069  Honey 32 oz. brik pack 12 per case $92.00

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