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Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control causing an involuntary loss of urine. Fecal incontinence is the inablity to control passage of liquid or solid stool. Incontinence can happen at any age but is common in older people and more frequent in women than men. It can range from mild leaking to uncontrollable wetting. Aging does not cause incontinence. There are many different causes, so it is best to talk to your doctor about diagnosis and treatment options.

There are several common types of incontinence:
  • Stress incontinence is when urine leaks during physical activity, such as exercising, laughing, coughing, sneezing.
  • Urge incontinence is urine loss with an urgent need to urinate and an involuntary contraction of the bladder.
  • Mixed incontinence is a combination of stress and urge incontinence.
  • Functional incontinence is when people with normal bladder control cannot get to the toilet because of a disability or condition that makes it difficult to move quickly enough.
There is a wide variety of products available to help manage incontinence and live actively in spite of bladder or bowel weakness. These range from light absorbency liners to maximum protection briefs and diapers.

We handle an extensive line of incontinence products for mild to extreme incontinence protection in sizes ranging from baby to youth to adult and bariatric. Incontinence liners, bladder control pads, protective underwear, youth and adult diapers, underpads and skin protection products are available from leading brands.

Tena, Prevail, Tranquility, Kendall, Covidien and Salk have been providing incontinence products to home care dealers for years. Many of these brands and products have not been, and are not available in stores. The variety of products from light incontinence liner pads to maximum absorbency diapers means that there is something to meet every need.

Finding the right product for you, however, can seem overwhelming. Most manufacturers define products by incontinence protection or absorbency:
  • light/mild
  • medium/moderate
  • heavy
  • maximum/overnight
Part of choosing the right product for you is finding one that you, as an individual, feels comfortable and secure in. Wetness against the skin causes skin to break down, leading to rashes; and improper product or size selection can cause leakage and embarassment. Like clothing, sizing is not a perfect science. Most manufacturers use a waist/hip measurment range but not always the same one. If you use a medium in one brand and are switching brands, double check the measurements on the size. As a general guide, bladder control pads are usually recommended for light incontinence protection. Incontinence liners or pads provide light to moderate incontinence protection. Belted undergarments and protective underwear are designed for moderate to heavy protection, and diapers are designed for heavy to maximum/night protection. Check out the different brands though, because newer technology is making it easier to get better fit and absorption in lighter, more discreet products.
Booster Pads Underpads
Booster pads are absorbent liners without the plastic backing that are worn inside an incontinence brief or protective underwear for added protection and absorbency.
Underpads, often called "chux", are designed to protect beds, chairs, and other surfaces.  They feature a waterproof backing, absorbent core, and cloth like top sheet.  Underpads are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies to fit most needs.
Incontinence Liners and Bladder Control Pads Male Guards
Incontinence liners, or bladder control pads, are specifically designed to quickly absorb and pull urine away from the skin. Most feature an adhesive strip for secure positioning into underwear, and an odor control system. Some are contoured to better curve with the body. Male guards are specifically contoured to better fit a man's shape. Liners and pads are available in very light to heavy incontinence absorbency and provide the most discreet protection.

Light bladder leakage is often associated with stress incontinence. Any movement that applies pressure on the bladder, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise, can cause involuntary leakage of urine.
Male Guards are incontinence protection products designed to fit a man's body with superior comfort and security.  They provide an excellent choice for leakage or dribbles as a result of surgeries or light incontinence.
Belted Briefs and Undergarments Protective Underwear and Pull-ups
Belted style undergarments are an everyday, unisex choice for moderate incontinence that offer the option to be worn with or without underwear and the ability to be changed without fully removing pants. Belted undergarments are held in place by reusable, washable elastic belts or straps on each side attached to buttons on the disposable garment. They have elastic leg gathers and are usually one size fits all, providing light to moderate absorbency protection. The Tena Flex line has the ease of hook and loop fastening. The belted systems allow for easier handling, less bulk and unlimited refastenability for simple and fast self care or caregiver assisted use.

Protective underwear, often called pull-ups, pull on like normal underwear with a cloth like outer cover.  They provide moderate to heavy absorbency protection and are available in a variety of sizes,
Diapers and Briefs Youth Diapers and Protective Underwear
Diapers, often called briefs, offer the fullest coverage and incontinence protection, ranging from moderate to maximum absorbency.  Diapers are available in a full range of sizes from youth to 3XL bariatric based on waist/hip measurements.  Keep in mind that different manufacturers, brands and styles may have different sizing.
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