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Tena Serenity Light Pads

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Our Price: $55.00

Product Code: 56300

Active Regular, 156 per case [Subtract -$26.00]
Active Long, 176 per case [Subtract -$13.00]
Active Ultra Thin Regular, 180 per case
Active Ultra Thin Long, 144 per case
Moderate, 120 per case
Moderate Long, 180 per case [Add $23.00]
Anywhere Ultra Thins Long, 128 per case [Add $23.00]
Heavy, 84 per case
Heavy Long, 72 per case
Ultimate, 108 per case [Add $23.00]
Overnight, 90 per case [Add $23.00]


Tena Serenity Light Pads offer protection against light to heavy bladder leakage.
  • Light bladder leakage - uncontrollable urine leakage of a few drops, especially when laughing, coughing, sneezing, or straining:
    • Serenity Active Liners Regular
    • Serenity Active Liners Long
  • Moderate bladder leakage - uncontrollable urine leakage of more than a few drops when laughing, sneezing or straining; moderate amounts of continuous bladder leakage:
    • Serenity Active Ultra Thin Pads Regular
    • Serenity Active Ultra Thin Pads Long
    • Serenity Moderate
    • Serenity Moderate Long
  • Heavy bladder leakage - continuous bladder leakage of more than a few drops; heavy leakage after feeling a sudden urge to urinate:
    • Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thins Long
    • Serenity Heavy
    • Serenity Heavy Long
  • Ultimate bladder leakage - heavy leakage with sudden urge to urinate; overnight leakage or when lying down:
    • Serenity Ultimate
    • Serenity Overnight

Tena Serenity Light Pads feature:
  • Soft quick-dry topsheet that pulls in liquid fast to keep you dry.
  • Dry-Fast Core with superabsorbent microbeads to lock in liquid quickly.
  • Soft cushiony side gathers conform to the body for a more comfortable fit.
  • pH balanced to fight odors.
  • Adhesive strip holds the product securely in place inside regular underwear.
  • Individually wrapped for convenient discreet portability..