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Neocate E028 Splash
Neocate E028 Splash


Ready to drink in 3 flavors.

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Tropical Fruit

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Neocate E028 Splash is a hypoallergenic, amino acid based, ready to drink medical food for children over the age of 1.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% non-allergenic free amino acids
  • To supplement essential nutrients in children on elimination diets.
  • 10% Protein; 58% Carbohydrate; 32% Fat (MCT 35% / LCT 65%)
  • Energy density = 1 kcal/mL
  • Osmolality: 820 mOsm/kg water
  • Sold in cases of 27 ready to use 8 oz. cartons

This is a medical nutritional - consumers should consult their physician on the use of this product.

Nutrition Information for E028 Splash per 237 mL:

Protein Equivalent 5.9 g
Carbohydrate34.6 g
Fat8.3 g
Linoleic Acid626 mg
Vitamin A 277 IU (83 mcg R.E.)
Vitamin D373.5 IU (1.9 mcg)
Vitamin E 1.9 IU (1.3 mg a-T.E.)
Vitamin K3.6 mcg
Vitamin C7.4 mg
Thiamine0.13 mg
Riboflavin0.15 mg
Niacin2.1 mg
Vitamin B60.19 mg
Folic Acid14.2 mcg
Pantothenic Acid0.57 mg
Vitamin B120.17 mcg
Biotin4.7 mcg
Choline43.4 mg
Inositol4.3 mg
Calcium147 mg
Phosphorous147 mg
Magnesium21.3 mg
Zinc1.8 mg
Iron1.8 mg
Copper240 mcg
Manganese0.24 mg
Iodine14.2 mcg
Sodium47.4 mg
Potassium220 mg
Chloride83 mg
Chromium7.1 mcg
Molybdenum8.3 mcg
Selenium3.7 mcg