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Incontinence liners, or bladder control pads, are specifically designed to quickly absorb and pull urine away from the skin. Most feature an adhesive strip for secure positioning into underwear, and an odor control system. Some are contoured to better curve with the body. Male guards are specifically contoured to better fit a man's shape. Liners and pads are available in very light to heavy incontinence absorbency and provide the most discreet protection.

Light bladder leakage is often associated with stress incontinence. Any movement that applies pressure on the bladder, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise, can cause involuntary leakage of urine.
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Tena Comfort Pants - Reusable Incontinence Product
Our Price: $8.00

Tena Comfort Pants are reusable incontinence pants designed to support and hold Tena Pads.
Attends Discreet Bladder Control Pads
Our Price: $8.50

Attends Bladder Control Pads are easy to use for light to moderate incontinence protection.
Capri Bladder Control Pads
Our Price: $37.00

Capri Bladder Control Pads provide secure protection against light to moderate incontinence.
Sure Care Bladder Control Pads - Incontinence Product
Moderate, Heavy, Extra Heavy $43.00

Sure Care Bladder Control Pads offer effective, discreet protection for light incontinence control.
Attends Insert Pads
Our Price: $43.00

Attends Insert Pads provide light to moderate incontinence protection and are a leading product in post-partum  and OB/GYN care.
Prevail Incontinence Panti liners
Our Price: $45.00

Prevail Incontinence Panti Liners Bladder Control Pads are for the lightest incontinence protection.
Dry Comfort Pads - Incontinence Product
Our Price: $52.00

Dry Comfort Pads provide a full choice of protection from Light to Night.

Tranquility Personal Care Pads
Super $52.00

Tranquility Personal Care Pads are designed for use in regular underwear for moderate incontinence protection.

Attends Light Insert Pads
Our Price: $53.00

Attends Light Insert Pads provide light incontinence protection in an ultra thin pad.
Tena Serenity Light Pads
Our Price: $55.00

Tena Serenity Light Pads offer a choice of protection against light to heavy bladder leakage.